SHAKTI Fluid Bed Dryer offers an effective and efficient method for drying & granulating. It is invented keeping in mind the latest GMP norms with all contact parts AISI 316 Quality. By using modular construction and simplified design, we provide flexible installation.


It works on the principle of airflow. It takes time 20 to 45 minutes (Depends on products and percentage of moisturized).

The Fluid Bed Equipment have a bed of solid particles which are fluidized by passing a stream of filter air upward through a specially designed perforated sheet. The upward velocity of filter air is so maintained so as to slightly lift the solid particles and set them in motion. This motion can be utilized to bring about mixing as well as forward movement of the solids particles. The filter air is heated and the process hot air evaporates the fluid and dries the solids. Fines get agglomerated to large size granules. The process is carried out continuously in batch size. The drying time and inlet air temperature can be set as per requirement of process and there is auto controlled for the same.

SALIENT FEATURES – Fluidised Bed Dryer

  • High Precision and effective drying technology.
  • Design as per stringent cGMP Model.
  • Compact Table Top design.
  • Single Piece Modular design.
  • All Contact parts of AISI Stainless Steel 316 Quality and non contact parts of AISI Stainless Stele 304 Quality.
  • Easy to install, operate, clean, convenient & user friendly.
  • Inbuilt design with Inlet hot air and exhaust air blower.
  • Turbine blower assembly for air suction.
  • Electric Heater of Stainless Steel with fins.
  • 20 micron filters for Inlet Air.
  • Sampling port on product container.
  • All gasket white silicon food grades.
  • Pneumatic Damper for Inlet and Outlet Air duck.
  • Inspection glass window for process visualization.
  • Safe earthling arrangement.
  • Filter bag MOC-Satin.
  • Auto shaking for filter bag.
  • Auto timer for batch processing.
  • Temperature Controller with sensor for inlet air.
  • DP across the product container.
  • DP across the filter.

Technical Specifications of SFBD-PLC FLUID BED DRYER- PLC – 1 to5 KG GMP

PurposeFluid bed dryer is a process unit for Drying of granulated materials for solid dosage forms in batch operations.
Ambient TemperatureMinimum: 25ºC,
Maximum: 45ºC
Atmospheric Parameters90 dBA [decibels] Approx at Ambient.
Absolute MoistureClient to specify - in grains/pound or gm/kg
Operating TemperatureAmbient and maximum up to 85º C
Bulk DensityConsidered 0.5gm/cc
Working capacityMaximum 5Kg and Minimum 1 Kg, depending upon Bulk Density
Charging InputsThe Wet mass load manually in to the Process bowl.
Discharging of Outputs The Dried materials (powder or granules) from the FBD bowl shall be Un loaded manually.
Dimensionsa) Product Container (size in mm) 345 major D X 250 minor D X 230 H X 2 Thick
b) Retarding Chamber
435 mm major D X 529 mm ht. 14swg
c) Blower Dimensions
875 mm L X 816 mm W X 595 mm Ht.
d) Control Panel 310 mm L X 150 mm W X 260 mm Ht.
Quality assuranceDesign, manufacturing installation and documentation is in accordance with the current good manufacturing practices.
Product contact parts.SS 316
Electrical Rating 415V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
FilterPad type filter 20 Micron
Filter overall dimension310 mm x 310 mm x 38 mm – 1 No
MediaFire retardent media with aluminum mesh on both side.
MOCFrame in Aluminum.
Efficiency90% down to 20micron.
3.1.2Electrical heater1 Kw x 8 inch long with SS fins 8 kw capacity
3.2Hot Air Inlet Duct Work
TypeBack side of Machine. Specify as per clients requirement.
Duct jointFlange joint, fastened together. Silicon gasket sealing between the flange faces.
Instrumentation in ductTemperature Sensor PT 100
Inlet DamperButterfly valve type, Operation through pneumatic actuator.
3.3Bottom chamber
Lower Chamber TypeCone type and operation through pneumatic cylinder. With Drain and upper sliding arrangements.
Lifting ArrangementPneumatically lifting arrangement for product container lifting. Gasket is used to minimize air leakage from space between product bowl & bottom chamber.
Cylinder mountingSS304. Welded bracket on the chamber bottom side.
Bottom Draining nozzleProvided with Drain connection at side of Bottom Chamber. Water applied during cleaning process can be drained out completely through this ½” cock connection. Ensure that Drain plug is replaced after completion of cleaning process.
3.4Product Container
Gross Container volume 12 L
Mesh type and size175 Dia x 110 x 24 Dutch weave, Lead Free. MOC – SS 316
Type of mesh fixing arrangementPerforated plate with Nut
GasketFood Grade white Rubber
View glasses60 mm x 90 mm toughened glass
Sampling portSide mounted manual push in type, push out. Turn around type located on Product container.
TrolleyTubular section trolley with PU wheels.
WheelsSS 304 + wheel PU coated
3.5Retarding Chamber and filter housing
TypeCylindrical Single Piece construction
Light Glasses50 Dia. X 5 Thk x 1 No.
Finger bagPC Satin Cotton
Porosity20 micron.
GasketInflatable Neoprene gasket
Locking arrangement for bagsYes
Bag shaking arrangement Pneumatically Filter bag shaking arrangement. Filter bag hanger is connected with cylinder inside of main body.
3.6Exhaust Assembly Details
Blower Details
Impeller MOCAluminum
TypeRegenerative type
Capacity210 CFM, 350 m³/hour & with 170 mbar Vacuum.
Motor2 H.P., 2750 RPM
Frequency Drive on blower motorFrequency Drive on the exhaust blower motor to regulate the RPM of the blower, thus varying the CFM of the blower.
3.7Exhaust Air Duct Work
TypeCylindrical with bends to suit layouts. Duct running from filter housing chamber to blower inlet.
MOCSS 304 in the working area and MS in technical area.
Size100mm Diameter x 1.6 mm thk
Damper for bag shakingButterfly valve pneumatically actuated fully open and closed type.
Duct jointThe duct will have Flange joint. Customer have to specify.
Instrumentation in duct PositionTemperature sensor PT 100
a) Electrical panel
b) Master Control Panel
a. Electrical panel fitted at bottom structure of table.
b. Master control panel fitted on the main table.
Operating ConsoleColor Touch screen 7"
Emergency stop & Main On / Off
Major Control ParametersAir Drying Temperature & Time.
Bag shaking (Alternating): On Time, Off time & No of Cycles.
Main Power PanelSS 304 fabricated
a) Over load protection relays.
b) Pressure switch on main air circuit ensures that machine will not run if pressure is below set value.
c) Unless blower is ON heater will not start.
6FINISHSS Product Contact Parts internally finished to ≤0.5Ra.
SS Parts externally finished to ≤ 1.0 Ra.
7UTILITIESCompressed air 10 CFM @6 Kg/cm2 oil & moisture free.
Electrical power 8 KW @ 415 V, 50 Hz.
Material test certificate for contact parts
Instrument list
Instruments calibration certificates
Installation / Operation & Maintenance Manual
Warranty Certificate of machine
Electrical Circuit Diagram
GA Drawing.
9INSPECTIONBy Client / consultant.
10TRIALNo load Running Trial will be offered.

Main Components Make List

Item Make
PLC & HMI Schneider or Equivalent
Push Buttons / Switches Teknic / Salzer
Blower Motor Rotomotive or Equivalent
Filter Freudenberg Filtration Technologies
Heaters Tejas Make
Sensors Maxon Make
Pneumatics Festo or Janatics Make.

* All major Electrical components are CE approved.

The following indications will be provided on the operator interface:
  • Product Temperature Set, Actual, Hi Limit, Lo Limit
  • Process Timing Set , Actual, Filter Bag shaking Time
  • Recipe Parameters, Batch Code, Operator code, Product code, Batch parameters
  • Process Parameters like Temperatures, Blower Speed, Process Time
  • Statistical Batch reporting.
  • USB port

Supporting Utility Required

Sr. no Description Specification
1 Electrical Supply 3 Ph Model 3 Phase 4 Wire with Switch plug unit near to Equipment
2 Air pressure [If Pneumatics fitted Model] 6 bar


  • All Duct work suitable for above machine is in customer’s scope.
  • It is necessary to give out let of hot air Duct line from machine to outside Of Room ( in Customer’s Scope)


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