About Rapid Mixer Granulator SRMG – 10 & 25 – PLC (SRMG-5Kg – 10L & 10Kg 25L)

SRMG – 25 – Mini – Rapid Mixer Granulator GMP (10Kg – 25Ltr)

Pilot scale rapid mixer is mainly used in R&D or F&D facility for the wet mixing of the pilot batches. Basically, it consists of a Bowl, Impeller & Chopper assembly.


It consists on main structure, which is made from mild steel square tube and covered from SS-304 grade. All main drive related assemblies are covered in to main structure and castors provided for mobility.

The Process:

The RMG performs dry mixing & wet granulating by basic design of the special four arm of the mixing impeller and sequences of the mixing process in the cylindrical mixing drum with rounded connection to the base plate, achieve another special effect.

The mixing process runs without varying pressure zone in the volume of mixing product. Separately driven multiple choppers can effectively intensify the mixing result in particular when liquid or paste components are added. During humidifying and granulating process of the products, the chopper controls and regulates the granular spectrum and structure of the granules according to the product, chopper shape and time. The RMG system requires only small quantities of granulating liquid or pastes to obtain the required granulate structure. This reduces the amount of drying energy required.


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Detailed Specification for Rapid Mixer Granulator SRMG – 10 & 25 – PLC (SRMG-5Kg – 10L & 10Kg 25L)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Salient Features
  • Steps
  • Components Specifications & Functions

Additional Accessories at Extra cost

  • Validation Documentations
  • Interchangeable bowl Assembly 3 kg
  • Interchangeable bowl Assembly 1 kg
  • Solution Preparation Vessel for blinder solution
  • Torque Sensor Integration
  • High Shear Mixing, Homogenizing, Humidifying and Granulating process.
  • Offers reproducible mixing and granulation processes.
  • Design as per stringent cGMP Model.
  • Contact parts of SS 316 and non contact parts of SS 304.
  • Easy to install, operate, clean, convenient & user friendly.
  • Compact Table Top design.
  • Easy to dismantle seal and chopper bearing.
  • Easy move ability with the help of trolley.
  • Variable Speed Drive for main impeller and chopper motor. [optional]
  • Complete automatic advanced PLC Controls with touch Screen. [optional]
  • Auto Cycle / Manual mode
  • Process Parameters (Motor Speed and Process Time Statistical Batch reporting.)
  • Batch data
  • Recipe Management (Recipe Parameters, Batch Code, Operator code, Product code, Batch parameters)
  • Password Protected.
  • USB port for Printing
  • Auto Air Purging
  • RPM Indicator for Impeller and Chopper

Safety Features

  • Total drive transmission system enclosed.
  • Air pressure switch installed to ensure pressure is in limit.
  • Limit switch installed in the top lid ensure lid is closed.

The Complete Reliability of The Process Technology For The Steps

  • Mixing
  • Homogenizing
  • Granulating

Rapid Mixer Granulation Provides

  • High Shear Mixing Precision.
  • Short Batch Time.
  • Trouble free Cleaning.
  • Residue Free Discharge.
PLC & Touch ScreenSchneider Make
ACVF DrivesSchneider Make
PneumaticsFesto/Janatics Make
Safety SwitchHoneywell Make
Electric MotorRotomotive Make


(A) Mixer Motor:

  • 3HP/ 1440 rpm ,TEFC, class E insulation 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz.
  • ACVF fitted for variable speed for Mixer motor to 15 RPM to 150 RPM.
  • The motor is operated from push button station, by operating the speed selector switch.
  • The motor will only start when the Top Lid is at close position.
  • A delay timer, adjustable for mixing operation time is provided on the push button station for automatic switch over to fast speed.

(B) Granulator Motor:

  • 1.5HP 2800 rpm , TEFC, Class E insulation 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz.
  • ACVF fitted for variable speed for Chopper motor to 150 RPM to 3000 RPM.
  • This motor is directly coupled to Chopper through suitable rating coupling.
  • The motor is operated from push button station by operating the speed selector switch.
  • Granulator motor will run only when the Mixing motor is running.
  • The Granulator motor will automatically start running in the pre-selected speed when time is Set at Timer.

(C) Discharge Valve:

  • Pneumatically operated through push buttons on Control panel.
  • The air operated solenoid valve is provided either at the push button station or at convenient Place inside the machine.

(D) Air operated Solenoid Valve:

  • Electrically operated 4/5 port double acting solenoid valve.
  • Energizing /De-Energizing from push button station.
  • The air operated solenoid valve supply compressed air to –
    • Main pressure switch
    • Discharge valve
    • Mixer rotor seal & chopper seal with purging arrangement.

(E) Process Timer:

  • Timer to be set manually.
  • It is operated from Electrical Panel box.
  • Range 0 – 999 Seconds for mixer
  • Range 0 – 999 Seconds for Granulator..

(F) Safety Inter Locking:

Limit switches fitted at Inspection cover at Discharge valve assembly and the Top lid.

(E) Process Timer:

  • Provided with pneumatic system for ease of opening / closing.
  • Manually operated quick opening wing nuts for effective sealing.
  • Replaceable and easily cleanable food grade rubber seal.
  • Charging hole with cover for addition of Binder solution and Inspection during process with safety grill.
  • Vent with suitable Air vent filter for allowing air escape without dust to atmosphere / production area. Air vent filter is easily removable and washable.

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