About 6 Tray Dyer (STC)


a. S.S.316 Trays of size 32”x16”x1¼” made from 18swg sheet with rounded edges and corners. Top end reinforced with bidding.

Detailed Specification for 6 Tray Dyer (STC)

  • Technical Specifications

(A) Model:STD- 6

All internal parts S.S. 316 quality and all external visible, non-contact parts in

(B) Capacity :

Suitable for 6 Trays of size 32” x 16” x 1¼” loaded on fixed angle supports.

(C.) Drying Chamber :

Double walled construction with insulation in between. With one door.

(C) Doors :

Double walled construction with insulation in between. Heavy Hinges.
Handle for opening and sparkles locking.

(E). Air Recirculation:

One coaxial fan driven by 0.25 HP/1440 RPM/ Motor through
“V” belt and pulleys. Faring for coaxial fan suction. Air inlet with 5-micron high temp. Filter Exhaust with adjustable damper

(F) Heating.

3 KW Electrical heater OR Radiator.


a. All internal and air contact parts like inside wall of chamber, inside wall of door, radiator, recirculation fan, fan shaft , safety grids, exhaust damper, etc in S.S. 316 quality.
b. All external, visible and non contact parts like outside wall of chamber, outside wall of door, Hinges, handle, door lock, drive support, drive cover, bottom supports, etc in S.S. 304 quality.
c. Gaskets for door, damper, filter, explosion flap food grade silicone rubber.
d. Insulation LRB.

(H) Safety

a. Aluminium explosion flap on rear wall.
b. Safety cover for drive assembly.

(I) Finish

a. All internal parts mirror polished to 240 grit.
b. All visible parts matt finished to 180 grit

(J) Mechanical Details

a. Outside wall thickness 2mm.
b. Inside wall thickness 1.5mm.
c. Insulation on body 75mm.

(K) Accessories included in scope.

a. 5 Micron inlet air filter.
b. PT 100 sensor.


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