About 3D Shaker Mixer (S3DSM)

SHAKTI 3D Shaker Mixer is a powerful mixer for mixing of different materials, such as powders and fluids.it is used in any industry and application, especially in R&D and analytics. It’s used for homogeneous mixing of powdery substances with different specific weight and particles size.

Producing dry to wet & wet to wet mixers is also possible. The production process is hygienic and dust free because the product is mixed in independent container. The exceptional efficiency of 3D-Shaker Mixer turns in a three dimensional motion and the product is subjected to and ever changing, rhythmically pulsing motion.

Detailed Specification for 3D Shaker Mixer (S3DSM)

  • Technical Specifications
Standard Container Size125 MM Dia x 225 MM height
Speed25 to 30 RPM
Weight22 kg
3D Shaker Mixer

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