About Homogenizer (SHO)

Homogenizer unit is suitable for mixing of different types of liquids like oil in water & water in oil construction up to 30 kgs. / Hour. A piston pump produces homogenization. Materials can be filling to pump from a hopper, having capacity of 1.5 liters.

By the forward & backward movement of the piston Homogenization takes place. A vacuum is created during the backstroke of the piston, which sucks the liquid back. During the forward movement of the piston, the liquid is pushed against the tip of the nozzle.

This Unit is Suitable to Attached in our Both Main Drive.

Detailed Specification for Homogenizer (SHO)

  • Technical Specifications
Gross Capacity of Bowl1.5 Liters
Working Capacity15 liters / hour. [Depends On Speed ]
Net Weight4.6 Kgs.
Gross Weight16 Kgs.
Dimensions18" x 13" x 9" Inch
Packing19" x 14" x 10" Inch

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