About Capsule Filling Machine Hand Operated (SCF – 300 – 300)

The 300 holes GMP model manually operated hard gelatin capsule filling machine is the most widely used machine of its kind in the pharmaceutical industries. This machine is small and reliable for small units. Speedy and efficient operations are assured from numerous improvements introduced over many years of its wide and varied application in industry.

Optional Accessories:
– 100 Capsule Filling Hand Operated Machine
– Capsule Loading Machine.

Machine built in 4 basic configurations according to capsule size.
OO/O or

A. O/1/2 or
B. 3 / 4 or
C. 5 size.

Detailed Specification for Capsule Filling Machine Hand Operated (SCF – 300 – 300)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Salient Features
  • Optional Accessories
OutputUp To 6000 Capsules / Hour For Capsules of 'oo' To '5'
Depending On Formulation & Operator Skill.
Weight48 Kgs.
Gross Weight78 Kgs.
Case Dimension508 x 508 x 460 H.

The Complete Reliability Of The Process Technology For The Steps

  • OO/O or
  • O/1/2 or
  • 3 / 4 or
  • 5 size
  • New improved design gives negligible rejections and ensures better return on investment.
  • Contact parts Stainless steel construction and use of non- corrosive approved materials eliminates contamination and facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Simple design and robust construction ensure long life and trouble free operation.
  • Table and partial filling attachments can be offered to suit filling of specific formulations.
  • Precision manufacturing technique ensures inter changeability of size parts and spares.
  • Easy maintenance and read availability of spares reduces down time of the machine drastically.
  • All the loading plates are made of S.S. 304 quality.

Optinal Accessories

  • Capsule Loading Machine.
  • 100 Holes Mini Models also Available.

Simplicity of operation and the moderate output makes the machine ideal for

  • Large variety and low volume encapsulation operations.
  • Small manufacturing units.
  • Hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Filling of Formulations and R&D laboratories, Pharmacy Colleges & Ayurveda

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