About Conta Blender (SCB-5)

SHAKTI Conta Blender extremely reliable, perfect for even the most demanding of processing requirements in R & D. This Equipment balances performance with simplicity, to provide a solution that guarantees a high output but is easy to operate, clean and maintain.

We are an authentic manufacturer and supplier of Conta Blender (Tilting Type). Conta blender designed in accordance with latest CGMP concept and are highly beneficial for providing dust free transfer of powders and granules at different stages, from sizing/ dispensing to compression/filling of tablets or capsules.

The process involves various stages like collecting of sized granules in a container, wheeling them to the blender, engaging them with the clamping system and then lifting & tumbling them for the pre-validates time in set number of rotations. It can be used for mixing solid with solid and blending granules with lubricants. The capacity is 3 to 4 Kgs. This equipment is widely used in capsule and tablet production plants.

Detailed Specification for Conta Blender (SCB-5)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Benefits
Gross Capacity
(0.6 BD)
5 kg / 10 Liters
Working Capacity
(0.6 BD)
3 to 4 Kgs
Dimension350 x 350 x 325 mm Ht
Net Weight6 Kgs
Gross Weight22 Kgs
  • Designed in CGMP concept
  • Dust free transfer of powders
  • Capacity – 3 to 4 Kgs.
  • Suitable for mixing solid with solid and blending granules with liquid

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