About Tablet Coater Tabscoat – (12, 16 & 19, 24, 30) (SAC-12″, 16″,19″, 24″, 30″)

High Efficiency and Intelligent Film and Sugar Coating Technology+

TabsCoat-M Tablet Auto Coater for R & D and pilot Scale manufacturing is designed for the application of Film Coating & Sugar Coating.

TabsCoat–M is a product line of compact self-contained laboratory coating system with interchangeable pan.

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Detailed Specification for Tablet Coater Tabscoat – (12, 16 & 19, 24, 30) (SAC-12″, 16″,19″, 24″, 30″)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Salient Features
  • Exhaust Air Unit
  • Boughtout Item Make List
  • Design confirms CGMP Model.
  • Contact parts all in AISI 316 & non contact parts in AISI 304.
  • PLC Controls with HMI touch Screen.
  • Inbuilt Peristaltic pumps.
  • Inbuilt WIP system for easy cleaning.
  • Inbuilt Air handling unit.
  • Inbuilt Exhaust System.
  • Anti-Bearding Spray nozzle – Make: Spraying Systems – USA
  • ACVF Drive for Pan, Inlet air blower and Exhaust air blower.
  • Differential Pressure indicator for Pan.
  • Food Grade seals in all doors & covers.
  • Pan Light is provided for illumination inside the pan.
  • Solution Tank with heating & pneumatic stirrer arrangement.
  • The unit mounted on sturdy PU castors.

Inlet Air Handling Unit (Inbuilt)

  • 20 and 5 Micron Sandwich type Filter for Inlet Air
  • Blower Assembly 1 HP/ 2800 RPM
  • 6 Kw Electrically Heated Heater Assembly
  • Pneumatically operated Damper Valve Provided for Inlet air and Exhaust Air.
  • Unit is Inbuilt in the Machine.
  • Blower Assembly
  • Pneumatically operated Damper Valve Provided.
  • Unit is Inbuilt in the Machine.

Spray System

  • Peristaltic Pump with variable speed for flow controls of spraying material.
  • Spray Gun mounted on a Header Assembly with connections for Inlet Air, Atomizing air and Liquid
  • Spray Gun’s having auto shut-off feature.
  • Spraying arm is designed to adjustable to spraying degree / Area.

Machine Control System

Standard Specifications Including:

The PLC Controller: All the Coating Process Parameters can be programmed via an Operator Interface

(Touch Screen) and PLC.

This feature will have the following detailed components fitted on the various units.

  • ACVF Drive for the Pan, Inlet Air Blower and Exhaust Blower.
  • Temperature Sensor at Inlet and Outlet Air duck.
  • Proxy sensor for Pan RPM
  • Spraying control.
AC DrivesSchneider
PLC & Touch ScreenSchneider
Miniature Circuit BreakerSchneider
Electric Motor-FLPCrompton Greaves
PneumaticsFesto, Janatics & SMC
WIP PumpInoxpa – Spain
Peristaltic PumpFlowtech
Differential Pressure indicatorOmicron USA
FiltersFreudenberg Filters Pvt. Ltd
SwitchesSalzer / Teknic
Spray Nozzles – Anti-Bearding Spraying Systems Co. USA

Solution Preparation Tank Specifications

Solution Preparation Tank Capacity20 Liters – Working
Solution Tank – Heating Jacketed 1.5 Kw
Solution Tank StirrerPneumatically Operate From HMI
Dimensions (L x B x H) MM412 x 412 x 1065
Weight in KG64 kg approx.

Pan Specifications (Interchangable)

Pan Dia MM (Inch)300(12”)406(16”)480(19”)
Pan Opening MM (Inch)175(7”)175(7”)175(7”)
Pan Brim Volume - Liter2.08.014.0
Pan Working Max. Capacity (Kg)*
Anti-Slide Ribs666
Mixing Baffles223
*Based on Bulk Density 0.8 Kg / Liter.


Electric Supply220/380 Vac / 3ph / 50-60 Hz
Ampere Capacity55 amp approx.,
Heater Capacity8 kW
Compressed Air – Aqueous600 L/min @ 6-bar (20 S.C.F.M. @ 90 PSI)
Compressed Air - Solvent300 L/min @ 6-bar (40 S.C.F.M. @ 90 PSI)
tablet-coater-tabscoat-(12,16&19 ,24,30)

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