About Tablet Coater Tabscoat Polot Scale – (48″ & 60″) (SAC)

High Efficiency and Intelligent Coating Technology

TabsCoat – 48 Tablet Coater for is a fully integrated recipe driven production Scale tablet coating system is designed for the application of Film Coating & Sugar Coating.

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Detailed Specification for Tablet Coater Tabscoat Polot Scale – (48″ & 60″) (SAC)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Tablet Coater Tabscoat Pilot Scale
  • Standard Specifications Including
  • Design confirms CGMP Model.
  • All Operations fully automatic through PLC & color HMI.
  • Automation and controls- very precise, easy to use & record keeping compliant.
  • Contact parts all in AISI 316 & non contact parts in AISI 304.
  • Inbuilt Peristaltic pumps.
  • Quick release of Pan & Plenums to easy clean and less changeover time.
  • Anti-Bearding Spray nozzle – Make: Spraying Systems – USA
  • Differential Pressure indicator for Pan.
  • Food Grade seals in all doors & covers.
  • Pan Light is provided for illumination inside the pan.
  • Inbuilt (Wash in place) WIP system
  • Perforated drum electro polished.
  • Cabinet – standard double walled for better thermo-acoustic efficiency

The PLC Controller: All the Coating Process Parameters can be programmed via an Operator Interface (Touch Screen) and PLC.

This feature will have the following detailed components fitted on the various units.

  • ACVF Drive for the Pan, Inlet Air Blower and Exhaust Blower.
  • Temperature Sensor at Inlet air duck.
  • CFM sensor at inlet air duct.
  • Proxy sensor for Pan RPM
  • Spraying control.
  • Electrical logic circuit for on/off of the motors, pneumatic controls, heater controls and logic control of the sequence.
  • Pneumatic controls for the on/off of spraying sequence.
  • PLC control, integrating the electrical and pneumatic circuit with timer and logic based sequence.
  • Interlocks for the three motor sequence.
  • Air pressure interlock with spray system.
  • Heater interlock with blower.
tablet-coater-tabscoat-pilot-scale-(48''& 60'')

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