About Fluid Bed Dryer Table Top GMP Model (SFBD – 500G & 1 Kgs)

The SHAKTI Fluid Bed Dryer GMP Model offers an effective and efficient method for drying. It is invented keeping in mind the latest cGMP norms with all contact parts AISI 316 Quality. By using modular construction and simplified design we provide flexible installation. The Machine is vertical type, Electrical controls Auto Mode, Explosion proof and suitable for efficient accurate and uniform drying wet granulated pharmaceutical solid powder at lower temperature.

Optional – PLC & touch Panel.

Optional – Table Trolley – Stainless still.

Detailed Specification for Fluid Bed Dryer Table Top GMP Model (SFBD – 500G & 1 Kgs)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Salient Features
  • The Process
  • Extra Features
ModelSFBD-500GSFBD- 1K
Product Container
Container Volume500 g1.2 kg
Batch Capacity
At 0.5 Bulk Density
25 Grams Min / 350 G Max.350 G Min / 1 Kg Max.
Electrical Power
Power Supply - Voltage440 / 220 V, 3 PH, 50 / 60 Hz.440/220 V, 3 PH, 50 / 60 Hz.
Total Load3 kVA3 kVA
Electrical Heating
Drying Temp in °CMax 80° CMax 80° C
Heater2 Kw2 Kw
Compressed Filtered Air
ConsumptionMax. 100 Nm³ / hMax. 100 Nm³ / h
Maximum Pressure6 bar6 bar
Dimensions & Weight
Machine Dimensions700 W x 890 D x 870 mm H700 W x 890 D x 900 mm H
Table Trolley Dimensions
900 W x 850 D x 700 mm H900 W x 850 D x 700 mm H
Net Weight90 Kg100 Kg
  • Design confirms cGMP Norms.
  • Contact parts in SS 316 and non-contact parts SS 304.
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning by pneumatically blow back system.
  • All Controls can operate through front Panel.
  • SS Product Contact Parts internally finished to ?0.5Ra.
  • SS Parts externally finished to ? 1.0 Ra.
  • Inspection glass window for process visualization.
  • Shorter cycle time.
  • Ease in Validation.
  • Highest Degree of Safety.
  • Sampling Port facilitates for In-process Quality Control tests, without interrupting the fluidization process.
  • Inlet Air system flow control and electric heater.
  • Machine is with emergency stop button.
  • Air pressure controls switch for safety.
  • Easy to install, operate, clean, convenient & user friendly.
  • All gasket white silicon food grades.
  • Safe earthling arrangement.

It works on the principle of airflow .It takes time 20 to 45 minutes

(Depends on products and percentage of moisturized)

The Fluid Bed Equipment have a bed of solid particles which are fluidized by passing a stream of filter air upward through a specially designed perforated sheet. The upward velocity of filter air is so maintained so as to slightly lift the solid particles and set them in motion.

This motion can be utilized to bring about mixing as well as forward movement of the solids particles. The filter air is heated and the process hot air evaporates the fluid and dries the solids. Fines get agglomerated to large size granules. The process is carried out continuously in batch size. The drying time and inlet air temperature can be set as per requirement of process and there is auto controlled for the same.

  • The Control panel fitted with Advanced PLC with Touch Screen HMI to Auto control of Process time, Inlet Air Temperature, Filter Beg Shaking etc. Also Emergency stop button provided on machine. The Electric panel is an inbuilt with MCB, Main power supply ON-OFF switch, Contactor and Relay.
  • Pneumatically Operated Filter bag Shaking.
  • Pneumatically Operated Outlet damper.

Supporting Utility Required:

Electrical Supply 3 Ph Model3 Phase 5 Wire With Switch Plug Unit Near To Equipment
Air Pressure [If Pneumatics Fitted Model]6 bar

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