About Lab Double Cone Blender – 1Kgs, 3Kgs & 5Kgs (SVMD-DC)

Double blender can be easily and quickly connected and disconnected to the main machine drive with the help of one quick locking and unlocking screw & it features a 0.25 HP, 230 V / 110 V, 50 Hz / 60Hz, Single Phase with ACVF DRIVE fitted. The Main motor Drive is equipped with a very efficient & maintenance free gearbox with maximum torque. The speed is variable and can be adjusted infinitely between 2 to 45 RPM working range by an electronic speed control.

This is done via an electronic speed controller and the corresponding rpm is displayed digitally. The machine also includes a Digital timer in order to set time-based operations.

Detailed Specification for Lab Double Cone Blender – 1Kgs, 3Kgs & 5Kgs (SVMD-DC)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Salient Features
  • Applications
  • Working Principle
Gross Capacity (0.6 BD)6 Kg.3 Kg.1 Kg.
Working Capacity (0.6 BD)3 to 4 Kg.1 to 2 Kg.300 Gms. to 400 Gms.
Charging & Discharging GasketsSilicone Food Grade typeSilicone Food Grade typeSilicone Food Grade type
Power Supply230 V / 110 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz. Single Phase.230 V / 110 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz. Single Phase.230 V / 110 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz. Single Phase.
Electric Motor0.50 HP, AC, 230V, 50Hz0.50HP, AC, 230V, 50Hz0.50HP, AC, 230V, 50Hz
Maximum Output Torque
At Continuous Operation.
52 Nm.52 Nm.52 Nm.
Timer Adjustment0 to 99 Minute.0 to 99 Minute.0 to 99 Minute.
Speed AdjustmentInfinitely –Max. RPM - 34.Infinitely –Max. RPM - 34.Infinitely –Max. RPM - 34.
RPM2 Minimum To 34 Max.2 Minimum To 34 Max.2 Minimum To 34 Max.
Net Weight46 Kg.46 Kg.46 Kg.
Gross Weight78 Kg. 78 Kg. 78 Kg.
Machine Dimensions660 mm W X 482 mm L X 610 mm Height660 mm W X 482 mm L X 610 mm Height660 mm W X 482 mm L X 610 mm Height
Packing Size33" W x 26" L x 34" H33" W x 26" L x 34" H33" W x 26" L x 34" H
  • Less energy consumption & Short cycle times.
  • The Double Cone shape & slow speed of rotating gives sufficient continuous movement to the granules result in good quality.
  • Hygienic design-smooth interior for easy cleaning.
  • Material of construction for contact parts in AISI – 304 / 316L as per customer requirement.
  • Easy for loading and unloading of material.
  • Simple design requires minimum maintenance.

Safety Features

  • Transparent Guards for drive parts.
  • Emergency Stop button.

SHAKTI Double Cone Blender an efficient and versatile blending process for mixing and lubrication for the most delicate & fragile free flow products like powder or dry granules homogeneously. It can be used for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products etc. It is also the best way to mix very heavy & abrasive products, the range of products includes color, plastics, flour, drugs, metal powders, minerals, fibers & many others.

The Double Cone Blender with Cylindrical Container to dry granules equally. Double Cone Blender consists of Double shaped body, top and bottom polygonal frustum. It is very useful machine for pharmaceutical industry where in gentle blending of dry granules or powder is to be done. This unit is total cGMP.


The process of Two third of the volume of the Double Cone Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing.

The Double Cone Blender gives best result for granules due to very slow speed and Double shape of container. In Double Cone Blender the granules comes from all sides due to the octagonal shape of the product container, hence requirement of RPM is less. Suitable mainly for Crystalline & Granular type material. This type of material gets sufficient continuous movement due to their shape if containers have only slow movement and will results in good quality of blending / lubrication of granules.

It is revolved end over end, moving the products in & out of the constricted Double Cone areas. This causes multiple folding actions that ensure a through intermeshing of all the ingredients in the batch. The result is a homogeneous blend regardless of particle size distribution, particle shape or density with a great efficiency.


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