About Single Rotary Tablet Press (Lab Press-1) (SLP – 1)

Lab Press LP- 1 is a High Tech Rotary Tablet Press in table-top design for R & D and small batch production. This Single sided R & D Tablet Press fully conforms to GMP and the safety requirements. All Electrical settings can be performed by Front panel with indicators at the front of the machine.

The turret is driven by center shaft drive mechanism by a motor and Powerful Reduction gear box. The turret speed is adjusted by A.C. frequency drive.

Detailed Specification for Single Rotary Tablet Press (Lab Press-1) (SLP – 1)

  • Technical Specifications
  • System Features
No. Of Station4+4+4=12810
Max. Operating Load (Tons)60 kN / 6 Tons60 kN / 6 Tons60 kN / 6 Tons
Turret Speed (RPM)5 to 385 to 385 to 38
Output Tablets/ Hour *
Max. Tablets Dia. (MM)19 For "D" Tooling
16 For “B” Tooling
11 For “BB” Tooling
Max. Depth Of Fill (MM)202017
Hopper Capacity3 Kg.3 Kg.3 Kg.
Main Electric Motor
(Driven through ACVF)
2 HP, 3 Phase2 HP, 3 Phase2 HP, 3 Phase
Electric SupplySingle Phase or 3 PhaseSingle Phase or 3 PhaseSingle Phase or 3 Phase
  • The speed of the turret is adjustable through ACVF variable drive.
  • Excellent accessibility for quick cleaning and product conversion.
  • Center pillar Drive Mechanism with powerful Gear Box.
  • Design ensuring the highest standard of cGMP.
  • Turret Electrode less Nichol Plated (ENLP).
  • Hard heat-treated Presser Rollers.
  • Low noise level.
  • Easy movability.
  • Electrical voltage & frequency can be provided as per customers requirements.

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