Dies & Punches (All Types)

Salient Features

  • Punches and dies are made of OHNS / HCHC.
  • OHNS - Oil Hardened Nitride steel / HCHC - High carbon High chromium steel.
  • Made on CNC machines.
  • Careful matching of material and hardness
  • Trouble free fitting and removal
  • Manufactured to the smallest tolerances.
  • High precision finish

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Mini Vibro Type Shifter R & D Model (SVB)

Vibro sifter is a circulatory screening machine widely used by a number of industries for sieving, grading, sizing, screening of a range of solids or liquids from Pharmaceuticals, Food, Chemical, Dye, Cosmetic, and Plastic Powder Granules & Particles. Screening. Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter is used to separate mass composition of solids, liquid from solid and grading the material as per particles size. It is a type of pharmaceutical machine used for separation of pharmaceutical solids or liquids.

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Dust Extractor (SDE)

SDE-DUST EXTRACTOR (DUST COLECTOR) This Equipment is used for controlling dust generated during tablet compression, tablet de-dusting, granulation and other processes to avoids product cross contamination. Minimizes mechanical strain & excessive wear of tableting machine resulting in minimum machine break downs and punch wears. Stainless steel blower fan is dynamically balanced.

  • Suction Capacity : 150 CFM ±10%
  • Dust Storage Capacity (Ltr) : 20

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6 Tray Dyer (STC)


a. S.S.316 Trays of size 32”x16”x1¼” made from 18swg sheet with rounded edges and corners. Top end reinforced with bidding.

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Manual Tablet Hardness Tester (SHT-50TP)

Salient Features

  • Very compact, simple & Easy to operate.
  • Cost Effective
  • Selectable units of measurement like Kilopond (kp), Newton (N), Pound (lb or lbm), Strong Cobb (SC)
  • Microprocessor based reading of measurement.
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • In-Built Thermal Printer.
  • Statistical Data for the Maximum, Minimum & Mean Values are printed for the Tablet Tested at the End of the Test IQ/OQ Documents

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Tablet Disintegration Unit (STD-20S)

Complies to all current USP, EP and other pharmacopoeia, Supports 2 test baskets & Quick release basket design, Compact, user-friendly operation, Connectivity with PC -Compatible keyboard for feeding product information, Selectable type of Disintegration: normal basket suppository basket, Incorporated the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR Part 11) feature of password protection (3 level ADMIN, SUPERVISOR and USER Password)

  • Temperature : Ambient to 50°C
  • Accuracy : Better than ±0.3°C

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