Dosing Filling for Ointment (SDFO)

A silent feature of Dosing Filling for Ointment SDFO attachment is easy adjustment, quick removal of the pump and Charging Hopper for cleaning. The Machine is suitable to fill drip free and accurately, ointments, creams, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic emulsion, toothpaste, oil paints, jam, ketchup, and similar products in to tubes, jars, bottles, plastic containers etc., the capacity of this attachment between 1000 and 1200 fills per hour. Standard dosing ranges between 10 to 200 ML. filling nozzles with 2, 4, & 8 mm I.D are delivered with the unit. The hopper have capacity of 18 liters, and all parts in the contact with the material to be filled are made of stainless steel. This Attachment is Suitable to Attached in our Both Main Drive.

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dosing filling for liquid

Dosing Filling for Liquids (SDFL)

Silent features of Dosing Filling for Liquids SDFL machine are accurate dosing, drip free filling, fast disassembly of the pump and valves for easy cleaning. The Dosing Filler fills and dispenses all liquids with two pumps and valves made from stainless steel. It can be adjustable by 10 to 150 ml. If filling quantities of 300 ML Maximum are required, both pumps work on one common filling needle. Filling Needles are made of stainless steel and can be supplied for any container to be filled. The capacity of the Machine is between 1000 and 2000 fills per hour. Filling range of this attachment is 10 ML to 150 ML. And all material contact parts are made from stainless steel. This attachment can be attached to our both main Drive.

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