SSP-12 - Single Punch Tablet Press – Mini - GMP

Single Punch Tablet Press – Mini – GMP (SSP-12)

For the development and small batch production of tablets, SHAKTI developed the Single Punch Tablet Press Mini (GMP) SSP-12 with advanced technologies, This Tablet press machine is widely used for pharmacy, chemical, food, and metallurgy industry. It can press round or irregular tablets from various and odd shaped products. It operates automatically i.e. the tablets are filled, pressed and ejected continuously. As its feature; high precision of filling, low-noise, low-consumption of material, and it works smoothly. The minimum consumption of lab material is just 200gm. It is a good machine for research & development in lab at hospital and plant, used to small-scale production. All components are either covered with hard chrome, or made of stainless steel AISI 316 or acrylic glass.

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