Suppositories & Lipstick Unit (SSP)

This apparatus is used for molding suppositories, lipsticks and similar products. This equipment permits melting, agitation and mixing during operation. Stainless steel kettle and agitator are thermostatically heated with 1000 watt heating element. Thermostat permits adjustment of temperature of kettle 80-90 degree C. The stand, below the filler nozzle, holds any type of mould. It is adjustable in all directions and controlled by a hand wheel. Production varies with material, moulds, etc. Stirring, mixing and melting are achieved in a single operation and are not interrupted during the filling process. The pot for filling and molding suppositories and lipsticks are suitable for attach on our Main Drive. Optional– The mould as per the requirement of customer can be designed at extra cost.

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