SHT-50TP-Tablet Hardness Tester

Salient Features

  • Very compact, simple & Easy to operate.
  • Cost Effective
  • Selectable units of measurement like Kilopond (kp), Newton (N), Pound (lb or lbm), Strong Cobb (SC)
  • Microprocessor based reading of measurement.
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • In-Built Thermal Printer.
  • Statistical Data for the Maximum, Minimum & Mean Values are printed for the Tablet Tested at the End of the Test IQ/OQ Documents

Technical Specifications of SHT-50TP-Tablet Hardness Tester

Hardness Range5 N to 500 N
Accuracy0.1 N
Resolution0.1 N/0.01 kp.
Tablet sizeUp to 44 mm
Display4 Digit LED display, Indicator LED s for selecting units
Power230V AC ~ 50 Hz 2A


Sr. No. Standard Accessories Qty.
1 Debris Collecting Tray 2 Nos.
2 Cleaning Brush 2 Nos.
3 Mains Cord 12 Nos.
4 Allen Key 1 No.
5 Screw Driver 1 No.
6 Calibration Plate 1 No.
7 Operating Manual 1 No.
8 Thermal paper roll 1 No.
9 5 Kg Certified weight for calibration (Optional) 1 No.


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