Single Rotary Tablet Press LP III Instrumentation


  • The speed of the Turret is adjustable through ACVF variable drive system.
  • The Speed of the Force feeder Adjustable with A.C.V.F. Variable drives system.
  • All Electrical Controls on Touch Screen.
  • Excellent accessibility for quick cleaning and product conversion.
  • Turret – Central drive Mechanism with Powerful Gearbox.
  • Three piece turret.
  • Machine with Pre-Compression.
  • Dust Suction Nozzle Arrangement.
  • Tablet Thickness & Weight adjustment controls outside compression zone.
  • All critical parts made in CNC machines.
  • Totally enclosed. GMP model.
  • All Fasteners are of SS 304.
  • All Guards magnet catch with Stainless steel Covers.
  • All Bakelite Knobs Fixed with stainless steel threaded studs.
  • Lower cam track can change without lifting Turret & no need of any setting.
  • Charging Hopper with Powder Level window and material stop Cock facility.
  • Turret Guard with full height to cover wiper seal area.
  • Utilizes “TSM” or “EU” “B”, “D” and “BB” standard tool configurations.
  • Lower roll carrier Oil tray with SS 304 material.
  • All Electrical Components are CE approved.
  • Lower Punch Wiper seal with NT6/a is an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber of Hardness Shore ‘A’ 88°, Temp range 40°C to 100°C, surface roughness static – 0.8 µm with corrosion resistant metal ring houses NBR element for smooth Lower punch operations.
  • Minimum 2 mm thickness tablet can be press.
  • Bottom Plate inside/outside Cladded with SS 304.
  • Turret & Cam Tracks Processed by Electrode less Nichol Plated (ENLP) for Long life.
  • Special R & D Purpose machine with Combined “B”, “BB” & “D” Tooling available.
  • Pressure Roller & Pins are processed with hard heat-treatment.
  • Low noise level.
  • Upper guard & Lower side guard interlocking for operator’s safety.
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker for over load Protection as a Safety Feature.
  • Electrical voltage & frequency can be provided as per customers requirements.

SHAKTI Lab Press Control System Overview

Tablet Press Control System works force based press control system that utilizes feedback of measured compression peak force value to continuously adjust die fill level and thus compression force. It establishes and maintains target compression force feed back control scheme. The press control system automatically rejects tablets that fall outside of the designated compression force limits. HMI – PLC system provide features like

  • Touch Panel function for hassle free operation
  • Recipe Management covers following information
    • Recipe number ( Automatic Generation in sequence )
    • Recipe code
    • Tablet Parameters like
      • Product Name
      • Product Code
      • Product Size
      • Product Shape
      • Product Weight
      • Product Thickness
      • Product Hardness
    • Machine Parameter like
      • Machine Speed RPM
      • Feeder Speed RPM
      • Applied Pressure
      • Die fill depth
    • Control Parameters like
      • Target Compression force limit
      • Die fill control Upper / Lower limit
      • Tablet Rejection Upper / Lower Limit
  • Batch Management cover additional parameters like
    • Operator Code
    • Batch Start Time
    • Batch Size in Nos. of Tablet
  • Load cell software calibration
  • Advance sensor diagnostic
  • Advance actuator diagnostic
  • User Password Management
  • On demand Report generation Management for
    • Batch
    • Recipe
    • Alarms

Tablet Press Control System with Fully Automation:

SHAKTI has sound expertise in tablet press machine automation using Real Time high speed data acquisition system. Rotary Tablet Presses can be equipped with Automatic Control / Monitoring Systems offered by our Automation, ranging from a simple PLC to a fully automatic System.

  • Machine Start / Stop Controls
  • Machine Speed Control
  • Feeder Start / Stop Controls
  • Powder Feeder Speed Control
  • Tablet Batch Counter Control
  • Alarm Popup for different preventive actions

Multi Level Password Protection

  • Password Protected authorized access to govern all major activities.
  • User Control Module to allow multiple sessions of Add / Edit / Delete functions.
  • Logoff User after a period of inactivity
  • Fail password logons trigger audit trail
  • Password aging feature

Alarm History Management

  • Machine Alarm monitoring with Alarm occurrence and Acknowledge Time Stamp for selected duration.

Idle Time History Management

  • Machine Idle Time Logging with Machine Stop Time, Start Time and reason selected by the operator to stop the machine for selected duration..

Idle Time History Management

  • User can add any events related to maintenance or any parts change due to breakdown or while preventive maintenance and will be logged with time stamp and user name.
  • Graphical Interface with touch screen capabilities
    • Displays different indicators
    • Allows different controls
    • Popup alarm screens as soon as any event occurs
    • Eliminates any need for keyboard
  • Bar Plot of individual Punch Forces
    • Bar plot displays peak force of all punches for last revolution and updates every revolution
    • Also displays all upper / lower controls, alarms and rejection limits with different color code
  • Record and Display Compression Force
    • Records data of each pick force corresponds to compression / hardness for each tablet or sample.
    • Archiving of Data for selected Batch when required.
  • All Types of Report Generation


  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Product Loss
  • Standardize Operations
  • Minimize Batch-to-Batch Variability
  • Temper Proof data
  • Minimize Maintenance Cost
  • Improve Quality

The tablet output depends upon the following factors.

  • The Tablet output depends upon the properties, tablet shape, weight, thickness as well as quality of granules of material to be compress.
  • Ambient Conditions.
  • Table Dimension for customer- 850 x 760 x 620 mm ht.
  • Working Area / Room size require for customer- 8 feet x 9 feet.
  • * Actual Output is normally 80 % of this value.


  • Electric voltage & frequency can be provided as per customer’s requirement to specify while placing an order.
  • The rights for the modification in design & spaces are reserved without prior notice.

Optional Accessories:

  • IQ, OQ, DQ Documentation & Test Certificates can provided on demand.
  • Table Trolley.
  • Tablet De Dusting & De burring Unit.
  • Dust Extraction Unit.

Technical Specifications of Single Rotary Tablet Press LP III Instrumentation

ModelLab Press Mark-III
Turret RPM5 to 38 RPM
Equipment ControlVia PLC based Operating system
Operator Interface HMI touch Screen
Turret Speed ControlVia Variable Frequency AC Drive
Force Feeder Speedmax 75 RPM
Powder Level DetectionThrough Powder level sensor
Depth of Fill MeasurementThrough sensor.
Die Fill controlThrough Precision Control Mechanism - Motorised
Main Compression Force MeasurementVia Load cell.
Pre-Compression Force MeasurementVia Load cell.
Ejection Force MeasurementVia Load cell.
Tablet RejectVia Pneumatic actuator
Tablet RejectionBased on Tablet Compression Force out of specification (i.e., reject limit) force value
Intentional Tablet RejectBased on selected punch nos. ( maximum 2 )
Tablet SampleVia Air Blow and Pneumatic actuator
Tablet SamplingAt
Predefined rotation
Predefined Time interval
Predefined Punch no. (Only one at a time)
Statistical DataTurret RPM
Force Feeder RPM
Tablets/ Min
Total Tablets Required, Produced, rejected & sampled
Compaction Force
Minimum and Maximum variation of machine parameters during batch
Upper Punch Tight AcknowledgementUpper punch hits thrice in consecutive 3 rotation of turret table will release alarm and stop machine
Recipe managementRecipe storage unlimited
User defined ingredients
All tablet and machine related parameter can be Viewed, Edited, Saved for Batch setting
Documentation DataAudit Trail
Password protection as per USFDA Guidelines
Statistical Batch reporting
Batch DataOperator Code
Operator Name
Product Code
Product Name
Batch start and stop time with date
Batch Number & Batch Size
Equipment ID
Report Generation on demand
Batch Report Batch logging report on demand
Analysis report Batch Size V/s. Rejection
Data LoggingCompression force Data
Average force data in Spread sheet form
Real Time and Historical TrendsCompression Force (punch wise) V/s Punch No.
Display representationBar Graph / Alphanumeric representation of compression force with Punch number
Alarm ManagementReal Time and Historical Alarm management for events
Alarm ReportOn Demand alarm report in hard format
Alarm loggingAlarm logging in tabulated format

Specifications Of LP – III:

No. Of Station 4+4+4=12 8 10
Max. Operating Load (Tons) 60 kN / 6 Tons 60 kN / 6 Tons 60 kN / 6 Tons
Pre Compression Load (Tons) 20 kN / 2 Ton 20 kN / 2 Ton 20 kN / 2 Ton
Turret Speed (rpm) 5 to 38 5 to 38 5 to 38
Force Feeder RPM 12 to 75 12 to 75 12 to 75
Output Tablets/ Hour * Min. 1200 2400 3000
Output Tablets/ Hour * Min. 9000 18200 22800
Max. Tablets Dia. (mm) 19 For “D” Tooling 16 For “B” Tooling 11 For “BB” Tooling 19 16
Max. Depth Of Fill (mm) 20 20 17
Hopper Capacity 3 Kg. 3 Kg. 3 Kg.
Upper Punch Penetration (mm) 2 to 6 mm 2 to 6 mm 2 to 6 mm
Gear Motor for Feeder (Driven through ACVF) 2 HP, 3 Phase 2 HP, 3 Phase 2 HP, 3 Phase
Main Electric Motor(Driven through ACVF) 0.25 HP, 1/3 Phase 0.25 HP, 1/3 Phase 0.25 HP, 1/3 Phase
Electric Supply Single Phase or 3 Phase Single Phase or 3 Phase Single Phase or 3 Phase


Net Weight (kg.) 415 kg
Gross Weight (kg.) 487 kg
Case Size [Outer] L x W x H 914 mm [36”] x 1016 mm [40”] x 1397 mm [55”]
Machine Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 813 x 584 x 1266


Description Make
PLC Phoenix Make
Industrial PC 12” Phoenix Make
Servo Motor for Dozer Schneider Make
Amplifier for Servo Motor - Dozer Schneider Make
LVDT for Depth of fill measurement Gefran Make
ACVF Drive for Main Motor Schneider Make
ACVF Drive for Feeder Motor Schneider Make
Load cell for Main Compression Rudra Make
Load cell for Ejection force Rudra Make
Pneumatic Tablet rejection Festo Make

Optional Specifications – Extra Chargeable:

Terminology Specification
Data Linking ON TCP/IP to view & Remote Monitor of Real time I/O Operations
Dynamic Report Printing Report Printing of Recipe, Batch, Alarm while machine under operation
Optional Interface Serial Port & Other High Speed connectivity to access the Hardware
Backup of data Automatic archiving of Recipe, Batch & other useful data on network server
Documentation As per FDA Guideline
ACVF Drive for Main Motor Schneider Make


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