About Fluid Bed Processor PLC (1 To 5 Kgs) Top & Bottom Spray System (SFBP-1,3,5 kg)

With Top & Bottom Spraying System

The SHAKTI Fluid Bed Processor GMP Model offers an effective and efficient method for drying, granulating & coating. It is invented keeping in mind the latest cGMP norms with all contact parts AISI 316 Quality. By using modular construction and simplified design we provide flexible installation.

The Machine is vertical type, Electrical controls Auto Mode, Arrangement for spraying an active ingredient on to the carrier bed for top spraying, Explosion proof and suitable for efficient accurate and uniform drying wet granulated pharmaceutical solid powder at lower temperature.

Detailed Specification for Fluid Bed Processor PLC (1 To 5 Kgs) Top & Bottom Spray System (SFBP-1,3,5 kg)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Salient Features
  • The Process
  • Granulation
Container Volume In Kg / Liters2 Liters7 Liters12 Liters
Batch Capacity In
Kg At 0.5 Bulk Density
500 GM. To 1 KG1 TO 3 Kg1 TO 5 Kg
Drying Temp in ° C50-6035-80° C40-85° C
Motor In HP1 HP/ 3 ph / 50 Hz.2 HP3 HP
Air Flow For Inlet Air60 CFM210 CFM 270 CFM
Heating Load Kw For Electric Heated2 Kw8 Kw10 Kw
Electrical Load / Power Supply440 / 220 volts, 3 phase, 50 / 60 Hz.9 Kw / 440 v / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
18 Kw / 220v / 3 Ph / 60 Hz
9 Kw / 440 v / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
18 Kw / 220v / 3 Ph / 60 Hz
Approx Air Consumption m³/hour
(Air Pressure 4 Kg/cm²)
100 m³/hour350 m³/hour460 m³/hour
Spraying Nozzle - Top Spray1 No. with 1 mm size tip.1 No. with 1 mm size tip.1 No. with 1 mm size tip.
Spraying Nozzle For Bottom Spray1 No. with 1 mm size tip.1 No. with 1 mm size tip.1 No. with 1 mm size tip.
Peristaltic Pump0.25 hp with 4 to 100 ml / min0.25 hp with 4 to 100 ml / min0.25 hp with 4 to 100 ml / min
Inlet Air Filter20 micron 20 micron 20 micron
Machine Dimensions450 x 600 x 1050 mm1050 L x 1150 B x 2550 H1900 L x 1050 B x 2700 H
Wooden Case Dimensions [Outer]600 x 700 x 110055” x 45” x 86” 55” x 45” x 86”
Net weight160 Kg350 Kg400 Kg
Gross Weight290 Kg500 Kg550 Kg
  • * Design confirms cGMP Norms.
  • * Contact parts in SS 316 and non contact parts SS 304.
  • * Single Pot Technology for mixing, granulating, drying, & blending.
  • * Yield approaching 100% with negligible handling losses due to single pot concept.
  • * Replaces a number of conventional machinery, resulting in Substantial Savings in Space,       Power, Manpower, Yield and Air conditioning costs.
  • * Shorter cycle time.
  • * Ease in Validation.
  • * Highest Degree of Safety.
  • * Sampling Port facilitates withdrawal of any number of samples for In-process Quality             Control tests, without interrupting the fluidization process.
  • * Top spaying system with precise flow control peristaltic pump.
  • * Spraying flow rate controlled by Peristaltic pump manually.
  • * Spraying nozzle 1 mm size.
  • * Inlet Air system with filter and electric heater.
  • * Air flow control by A C Frequency Drive for Exhaust Blower.
  • * Machine is with emergency stop button.
  • * Automated filter beg shaking system.
  • * Sight Glass for process visualization.
  • * Air pressure controls switch for safety.
  • * Exhaust air suction turbine blower 90 cfm capacity fitted with 1 hp / 0.75 Kw with single       phase power supply.
  • * All rubber seal made from silicon food grade.
  • * Easy mechanism to change from process of granulation to coating.  

It works on the principle of air flow. The process is as follows.

Step 1 : Mixing Dry mixing by fluidizing the material in the machine.
The Fluid Bed system have a bed of solid particles which are fluidized by passing a stream of air upward through a specially designed perforated sheet. The upward velocity of air is so maintained so as to slightly lift the solid particles and set them in motion. This motion can be utilized to bring about mixing as well as forward movement of the solids particles. The air is heated and the process hot air evaporates the fluid and dries the solids. Fines get agglomerated to larger granules particles thus providing large size.

Step 2 : Agglomeration / Granulation with TOP SPRAY
Mixed powder is build up into powder granules. The fluidized powder is wetted with binders using top spray guns (Top spraying system). Solvent or water is used for binders. The moistened granulates are dried using hot air and cooled as required.

TOP-SPRAY / BOTTOM-SPRAY /DRYER insert for processing.

  • Reduce fines / dust.
  • Enhance flow ability.
  • Eliminate segregation.
  • Homogeneous mixture of ingredients.
  • Increase bulk density.
  • Improve disintegration.
  • Improve dissolution.
  • Improve compressibility for tablet formation.
    This process is used in fluid beds to form granules from a fine powder. The fluidized powder is wetted with binders using top spray guns. Solvent or water is used for binders. The fluidized powder is wetted until liquid bridges are formed between particles Segregation of powder doesn’t take place as different powder is glued together on a micro scale. Since there is no impinging force in fluid bed equipments using hot air. This technology used for formed granules are dust free granules with free flow properties, good dispensability and excellent solubility due to porous structure.
1Electrical Supply 3 Ph Model3 Phase 4 Wire with Switch plug unit near to Equipment
2Air pressure [If Pneumatics fitted Model]6 bar


fluid-bed-processor-plc( 1-to-5-kg)top-and-bottom-spray-system



fluid-bed-processor-plc( 1-to-5-kg)top-and-bottom-spray-system2

Bottom-Spray Coating

This processing option uses the energies and controls of the fluid bed to create a pneumatic mass transport inside a special insert, which consists of a perforated bottom screen with defined free areas. Most of the process air is channeled through the center via a tube, as such producing a venturi effect, which sucks the product from outside the partition past the spray nozzle. Leaving the cylindrical partition and entering the conical expansion chamber the particle velocity is dramatically reduced, excess moisture is rapidly evaporated with the dry product returning repeatedly through the coating zone to receive more coating material. This uniform statistical residence time of all particles in the coating zone results in a very homogenous coating. Due to the high kinetic energy provided by the pneumatic mass flow moist particles are separated, as such allowing the individual coating of even very small particles.

Due to the nozzle being positioned directly inside the product and concurrently spraying, a premature viscosity change of the coating droplet is avoided. All this features result in the highest possible coating quality, which is imperatively required to produce defined and reproducible drug delivery profiles.

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