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SALIENT FEATURES This Equipment is used for controlling dust generated during tablet compression, tablet de-dusting, granulation and other processes to avoids product cross contamination. The machine controls the flying dust generated during the compression of tablets. Minimizes mechanical strain & excessive wear of tableting machine resulting in minimum machine break downs and punch wears. StainlessRead More

Salient Features Complies to all current USP, EP and other pharmacopoeia Supports 2 test baskets & Quick release basket design Compact, user-friendly operation Splash-proof membrane keypad 20 x 4 LCD screen with backlit Connectivity with PC -Compatible keyboard for feeding product information Selectable type of Disintegration: normal basket / suppository basket Auto parking of basketsRead More

Salient Features Very compact, simple & Easy to operate. Cost Effective Selectable units of measurement like Kilopond (kp), Newton (N), Pound (lb or lbm), Strong Cobb (SC) Microprocessor based reading of measurement. Easy to calibrate. In-Built Thermal Printer. Statistical Data for the Maximum, Minimum & Mean Values are printed for the Tablet Tested at theRead More